Dear Leon, Thank You for being a "True Friend" I will never forget those long talks that we had together, all your good advise to me. I am sure I'm gonna missed you! Specially those days in Taoyuan,Taiwan when you and I have to hunt for real good vegetarian restaurants. Very nice knowing you brother, 'till we meet again (not so soon I hope). Yeah, I'm still smoking, and I know you hated every time I light up. Sorry my Brother, I guess I can never quit. Once I saw you worried about something? I asked you why? and you said, the day Barrack Obama got elected that somebody might JFK him, You guessed wrong this time, I hope you seen him got re-elected! We both said that we thought we're not going to see a black man get elected as a President in the USA in our lifetime. Guess what? Now I am waiting for a Woman president in the USA sometime in my lifetime. Peace Brother, Manny

Sent by bcderby on 05/12/2012